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Individual Counselling in Mississauga

Counselling is a relationship that combines our expertise and your willingness. At Pathways Counselling & Life Coaching Centre, we offer individual counselling in Mississauga that can address a number of emotional and psychological issues.

Our desire, through compassionate and effective counselling, is to give you the hope and the guidance that will lead you to a place of emotional well-being.

Our method of counselling is a holistic one that encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

Areas of counselling include:


Abuse refers to deliberate acts of physical, emotional, or sexual violence that are enacted with the intent to injure, manipulate, exploit, or demean another [...]


Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug, activity, or substance, even though it is causing psychological and physical [...]

Anger Management

Feelings of anger or violent acting out can be related to many different underlying difficulties including depression, anxiety, addictions and other mental health problems. Many individuals can have underlying [...]


The exaggerated worries and expectations of negative outcomes in unknown situations that typify anxiety are often accompanied by physical symptoms. These include muscle tension, [...]


Depression is when you feel severe despair over a long period of time. It affects all aspects of your life, including your mental health, [...]


Like any life process, divorce has a beginning and an end. The end of the divorce process generally involves learning from the past, taking [...]

Grief and Loss

Life after loss: Dealing with grief Loss is an inevitable part of life, and grief is a natural part of the healing process. The [...]

Men’s Issues

Many mental illnesses affect both men and women however men may be less likely to talk about their feelings and seek help. Recognizing the [...]

Relationship Issues

No matter how ‘perfect’ your relationship is, there will always be the little frustrations that crop up from time to time. But, when you [...]


Symptoms of Trauma: We all react in different ways to trauma, experiencing a wide range of physical and emotional reactions. There is no “right” or [...]

Women’s Issues

Women may experience certain biological, environmental, and psychosocial challenges related to gender, and these concerns can have a significant impact on mental health and [...]

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